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If you are ever in the Laguna area, this is a place you MUST stop by!

It's B.Candy and it is one of the most adorable places. They have handmade ice cream that is made daily, cookies, cakes and a gift shop. 

If you are so into sprinkles and sparkles like me, you need to try this place!


For my birthday, my brother, his girlfriend and our cousin surprised me and took me out for a super fun and memorable day in Beverly Hills and Hollywood! This was our first stop! You've probably heard of it because it's very popular, but if you haven't, it's called Urth Caffé. They are an organic café that serves everything from sandwiches, to smoothies and desserts, and if you are vegan, they have options for you as well. I w...


 I have spent a lot of time in Las Vegas growing up because usually my brother had tournaments out there during the summers. Most of the time we would stay in different hotels when we would go because I LOVE hotels! This particular time I was in Vegas just because and we stayed at the Rio hotel.

This photo was taken while on the top of the hotel at their "Voodoo Lounge"(no voodoo happens here, it's just the name). During the da...


 Over the summer, I spent a lot of time in LA because I have always loved museums and cool art exhibits and there were a lot out there that I wanted to visit! This one was called the 14th Factory and it was super cool because they took this big warehouse and turned it into this awesome art exhibit with a gift shop/café. As you all know, I love cute and unique places/fashion and this place was nothing short of awesome!

My favori...


    I've been to Downtown LA plenty of times but this time I saw this cool mural and noticed that there are a lot of new restaurants there now(I'll talk about this awesome restaurant I tried soon)! Over the summer, I realized that I really have a love for murals, so any chance I get, I am always stopping to take a photo in front of a mural that catches my eye.

    Anyway, if you want to find this mural to take your own pic...


This is technically not in SoCal but I'm sharing it anyway because it's a cute place to visit if you are in the area! 

    So, in December, my mom, god-mom and I visited San Luis Obispo to visit my brother and support him at his basketball game! We are always like trying new hotels(especially the ones that are nice but with great deals)! We found this hotel called the Apple Farm and instantly fell in love! It basically feels li...

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