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Quarantine Sucks! But...

We've been in this quarantine for about a month now right? If you're like me, then you are more than ready to get out of the house and finally get back to your normal life!! During this time of being forced to stay home, I like to think that it has given us all a reset and hopefully gave everyone time to reflect on and appreciate the little things in life! I for one, am somebody who tries to look at the bright side of every situation so I thought this quote was perfect! Here are some of my tips for staying positive while staying inside:

Quiet Time with Yourself:

Whether you live with others or on your own, having quiet and peaceful time with yourself is important. Cozy up in a blanket with a good book or some music, make some tea and relax! I love doing this every night before bed with my poetry books!

Get Some Sunshine:

Fresh air is good for the soul! Whether you sit out on your balcony or take your dog on a walk, try to get some fresh air at least once a day. I personally think, just getting out in fresh air, automatically boosts my spirits. Don't forget your mask and to social distance though!

Self Care:

Self care is sooooo important to me! It's what pushed me to start my skincare line! Do a DIY spa day/night. Put on a face mask, give yourself a mani/pedi or take a nice, relaxing bubble bath with an essential oil diffuser. The possibilities are endless!

Keep In Touch:

Keeping in touch with those you love and care about is important now more than ever. It can uplift you, as well as others. Some people are feeling very alone right now so try to check on your friends, loved ones and elderly people who you may know or live around. If you are one of those who feel alone, please know you are loved and cared about and there are people who genuinely appreciate and value who you are in their lives!

Have a happy Mug Monday everyone! Xoxo, SteffieJ

Below is my skincare line link if you're interested in checking it out!

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