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#Not Letting Fear Run Our Lives

Hello my amazing subscribers!! It's been forever and I am so happy to be back blogging again!! Before I get into our topic today I just wanted to say thank you all for being so patient and sticking with me!! I recently made a complete change to my website and narrowed down the categories so when you go to the website now, it will look completely different but I am so excited about it!!

I recently got inspired and realized what my true passion is and that is helping and uplifting others while building an uplifting community through my brand with all of you!! So without further adieu, let's chat!!

On tonight's Mug Monday, I wanted to discuss relationships. This is a topic that I have been asked to talk about so every now and then I will discuss different mini topics within the big topic of relationships.

I recently felt like I should discuss not being afraid to take a chance in relationships and while in the "talking" stages. I was talking with one of my best friends and the guy I am talking to about dating and really hit me how differently people think into things. As my best friend and I were saying how different things are a huge deal when "talking" to someone and how big certain steps were, the guy I am talking to just naturally did not find it to be some huge monumental deal like we did lol!!

So tonight I just wanted to encourage everyone to not think too much into things because chances are, the other person hasn't even thought about it. This doesn't mean be careless, but try not to let fear and overthinking keep you from expressing your feelings and being honest with the person you like/love.

It's scary, I know! And you are probably saying "Umm hello that is way easier said than done!" but let's agree to try!!

Love you all and have a goodnight!!

Xoxo, SteffieJ

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