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5 Signs They're Leading You On

Happy Mug Monday Everyone!

This weeks topic is "5 Signs You're Being Led On."

Have you been confused whether the person you are with is really into you or not? Here are 5 signs to look for that could help:

1. Excuses

Do they always have an excuse for everything you ask or try to talk to them about? This is a big sign that they are not as into you as you hoped. If they always have excuses and never solutions, that's a problem. Excuses with the same behavior shows that they are not willing and don't care enough to put in the work needed to be in a relationship.

2. Refuses to Commit

I am all for moving at your own pace and going by the time frame that works for you and your partner but I also believe that there needs to be a conversation and an understanding about what that pace and time frame is. If the subject is never brought up or if the topic is changed all the time then that is a sign to pay attention to.

3. Always Has a Reason or Story

This one kind of ties into the other two but if the person always has some reason or story as to why they aren't committing to you or making any progress with you then you need to watch out. These stories usually don't make any sense and are always your fault in some way. Don't mistaken an actual valid reason for a story that doesn't even make sense.

4. Doesn't Call/Communicate

If the person makes no time to reach out to you or communicate with you...this is a very bad sign. We all get super busy and that's okay but if the person makes no effort to reach out to you ever then what's the point of being with them? Communication is very important whether in person or over the phone.

5. Doesn't Make an Effort to See You

This one ties closely with #4. With communication, time together is also very important. In order to build a bond and truly know each other, you have to spend time together and if the person makes no effort, is never available or if they show that it is not important to them then there's no reason to stay.

Always remember that you are amazing and deserve the very best...Never settle for anything less. And as my quote above says, "When red flags show themselves, don't ignore them."

Xoxo, SteffieJ

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