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How to: Have a Spa Day at Home!

We all deserve a nice spa day every now and then but sometimes, going to one just is not in the budget and we are just not trying to break the bank. How can we feel relaxed doing that right??

Here are some tips on how to have a spa day at home that keeps your bank account happy and leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated(you can also click the photo to see this posted on my blogs Instagram)!

1. Take a Hot Bath:

* Add your favorites: A bath bomb(I get mine from Lush), bubble bath, Epsom Salt(very good for your muscles and to detox the not ingest, I meant put it in your bath), Essential Oils.

* Light some candles and play your favorite relaxing music(be very cautious with lighting candles).

2. Apply your go to Face Mask:

* I suggest doing this right before you go moisturize so it has time to sit

* My Favorites: Origins "Clear Improvements" charcoal mask, Lush "Bunny Moon" jelly mask, Shea Moisture "Peace Rose" mask & Lush "Mask of Magnaminty" mask

3. Moisturize:

* Do this soon after you take your bath(it keeps the moisture in)

* Some of my Favorite Moisturizers: Bath & Body Works body creams(Sweet Pea, Happiness Aromatherapy, Focus Aromatherapy), Vaseline and Eucerin

4. Give Yourself a Mani-Pedi:

* Take time to do the whole routine: file, buff, trim etc.

* Choose your favorite color and polish!

And finally just relax! Whether that is with your favorite book or movie, take time for you!

Xoxo, SteffieJ

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