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The Past is the Past

I know the quote seems easier said than done. Letting go isn't easy and staying in the present instead of stressing over the future isn't either but it's one of the healthiest things you could for yourself.

Too many times we fail to realize that we've been holding onto past experiences and letting them hold us hostage. They hold our happiness, our peace and our true essence of who we are and sometimes we get so used to it that we just start to think that the hurt and angry person we see in the mirror is really who we are.

Get tired of it.

Get tired of being hurt, angry and tired. Stop letting the people and/or experiences that hurt you and (temporarily) changed you, keep you hostage.

Fight for it.

Fight for your happiness, Fight for your peace. Just changing your thoughts and mindset alone is a fight and OH MY GOODNESS, the hardest fight is forgiving who hurt you. Trust me, I know. You don't ever have to keep contact with that person ever again if you don't want to, but forgiving them for what they did is one of the biggest and most important thing you could do. It's not for them, it's for you.

Don't stress the future

Now this doesn't mean just forget about it and never prepare or think for the future...we should all definitely do this. What I'm saying is, don't stress over it. Although it's important to make decisions now that will payoff in the future, stressing over the future will just scare you. Things don't always go as planned anyway. Which in some cases, is a good thing.


Whatever it is that you are going through or have been through, I hope you all know how strong you truly are. You have the strength inside you to make it through whatever you have been through and/or are going through. If it helps, let those who truly love and care about you rally around you to help you through you struggle. Don't shut them out, let them in because if they are genuine, then they'll only want to see you win and would do just about anything to help and be there for you. You got this! Love you all!

XOXO, SteffieJ

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