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The 14th Factory LA

Over the summer, I spent a lot of time in LA because I have always loved museums and cool art exhibits and there were a lot out there that I wanted to visit! This one was called the 14th Factory and it was super cool because they took this big warehouse and turned it into this awesome art exhibit with a gift shop/café. As you all know, I love cute and unique places/fashion and this place was nothing short of awesome!

My favorite part was the pitchforks(as seen in the picture above) and this room with screens all around that had these moving images that made you feel like the whole room was moving. Also while there, there was this room with a big open area with swings and all of a sudden people come out of nowhere to put on this really cool performance.

This art installation was made by the Hong-Kong based British artist Simon Birch and the exhibit ran all the way until July 30, 2017 in LA. On the website, it does not say if or when it is moving somewhere else but be on the lookout because if it comes to a city near you, it's a must see!

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