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How To: Make a Relaxing Bath that is also Good for your Body

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas with your family and friends!

Here's a few things that I personally put in my bath water when I take a bath! My bath's are usually just to relax and unwind but it's nice to know that I am also doing good for my body at the same time! So here is my "Holly Jolly Bath Routines:"

For Relaxation Only:

1. Use Johnson & Johnson Baby Bedtime Bubble Bath(I know it says baby but I use it anyway because it's AMAZING!!!!)

2. Pour it into the water while it is running. I usually pour it into the stream of water.

3. Keep pouring until you feel there are enough bubbles.

4. Finally, get in and relax!!

(For extra relaxation light your favorite candle)!!

For Detox and Soft Skin:

1. Epsom Salt is widely used to relax muscles and detox your body. Pour about 2 cups into your bath water while it is still running. Again, I usually pour it into the stream.

(This allows the Epsom Salt to completely dissolve).

2. Add about 5 or 6 drops of Tea Tree Oil into your bath water.

(Amount can vary based on preference)

3. Once your bath water is done and you've added the Epsom Salt and Tea Tree Oil, go ahead and get in and relax!

4. When you get out, you will see that your skin feels super soft!


In my bath, I have also used this Calgon Lavender and Honey Bath Salt. My mom used Calgon for years and now I use it and love it! It smells amazing and really helps you realx! **Make sure you dissolve it completely because as with all bath salts, they can cause irritations and worse.**

Happy Relaxing!~ Xoxo, SteffieJ

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