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Before Bed Moisturizing Routine

Hey everyone! So this is our first tutorial post and it's very special considering that it's actually a routine I've seen my mom do my whole life! So without further ado, let's get started!

Winter time is here and though staying moisturized is important year-round, it is especially important during the winter time. This is perfect to keep your face healthy, moisturized and clear. This routine can actually be done in the morning if you prefer but like my mom, you can do it at night before you go to sleep. If you wear makeup everyday, my advice would be to do this at night after removing your makeup. Actually, one of these products can be used as both a moisturizer and a makeup remover(I'll tell you details about it further down in this post).

For Moisturizing:

1. Take the Pond's and rub it in all over your face

2. Take a tissue and rub it off completely

3. Wash your face off with a warm, wet cloth(this ensures that all of the Pond's is off and is good for your face)

4. Finally, use the Eucerin lotion as a finishing touch moisturizer

For Removing Makeup:

1. Take the Pond's and rub it on your face over your makeup

2. Take a tissue and rub it off completely until both makeup and Pond's are off

3. Wash your face off with a warm, wet cloth

4. Finally, use the Eucerin lotion as a finishing moisturizer

As my own little tip to add on for the winter weather, use the Vaseline on your lips throughout the day and at night before bed. I have always used the original Vaseline but I decided to try out the cocoa butter one and I have to say, I like that one as well. Vaseline is also great for your skin, so go ahead and use it on your arms, legs and feet to stay moisturized!


Eucerin: Repairs and prevents dry, itchy skin. It can also be used to prevent minor skin irritations like diaper rashes and skin burns

Vaseline: I saw that Vaseline has a lot of uses and benefits that I never knew about. It can heal minor scrapes and burns, help pet paws, remove eye makeup, fix split ends, prevent diaper rash, preserve perfume scents, prevent skin stains from nail polish and hair dye, as well as a host of other benefits and uses.

Pond's Cold Cream: A deep cleanser, removes makeup, moisturizes your face, removes dirt and doesn't clog your pores

I hope you guys like this routine and love it throughout this winter season!~Xoxo, SteffieJ

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