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Be Thankful for Awesome Siblings!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day with family and friends and ate tons of food!

Tonight's post is about being thankful, and I'm going to dedicate it to someone big brother! I asked for some ideas to write about a while back and he jokingly told me to write about great big brothers, not knowing that I actually thought this was a great idea. I figured today was the perfect day to post it!

It's just the two of us, we're 2 1/2 years apart, he's the oldest and I consider him my best friend! My mom always raised us that there was no other way except for us to be close and I am very thankful for that because to this day, we are very close. Growing up, I always knew that if nobody else had my back, he would and I never doubted that he would always be there for me. Our parents divorced when we were young and for me, he was always the strong one. For that alone, I will forever be thankful because as a kid, he deserved to be emotional too.

I have so many memories with my brother that this post could go on forever but I'll just say one more! I always listened to my brother and did whatever he told me to do(which got me in trouble sometimes lol) but in my eyes he could do no wrong. I got myself stuck on the top of the monkey bars once because I really wanted to sit on top with my friends but then I got too scared to jump down!!!! Nobody could get me to come down and the only person I wanted was my brother. My friends knew he was the only who could get me down, so they went to get him and what do you know...he got me down! He was even the first person to get me to jump in the pool and go under water when swim instructors couldn't.

Like I said, I could go on forever but I say all of this because I really want to take a moment to truly say how thankful I am to God for giving me the brother that he did. I have learned so much from him and I don't even think he knows how often I take in the things he says and does. Since a child, I've looked up to my brother and have seen him as one of my biggest role models(my moms the other). He even drove 4 hours to be at my graduation right after practice!!!! That's a memory I'll hold forever and it made the day so much more special! Whether it's just the two of us driving around having a brother-sister talk or like always, joking around, I cherish all of it and will not ever take it for granted.

So tonight or tomorrow, take a moment to squeeze your sibling a little tighter and/or leave them a nice voicemail or text because they really are blessings. God chose them specifically for you and you guys are the only ones who are true best friends forever because you have literally known each other since birth. You've probably lived with each other your whole lives, and nobody should ever be able to break that bond. I won't be able to give my big brother a giant hug again until Christmas but I hope that if you're near your sibling, you will.

Thank you brother for being the greatest brother ever! You've protected me, laughed with me, given me wisdom and have been my role model all my life and I pray that I have been at least half that type of sibling to you as well because I truly cherish our bond! Love ya kid!

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