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Quote of the Day #7: With No Apologies

Sometimes, there's moments in our lives where we need to tell ourselves, "I won't apologize for growing." Have you ever come across someone who has literally tried to make you feel bad for reasons that can only be explained by the fact that you've grown up? They are so annoying right? Toxic people are a mess and only God can help them but from personal experience, everything gets brighter when you start to keep your distance from those type of people. It's not fair to keep getting hurt and disappointed by someone who was supposed to always be there for you, and when you see that they're not(no matter how long it takes) get away from them and pray for them.

Maybe they are someone you don't keep in your life anymore or you just keep them at a distance now, well don't feel bad for that. Part of growing means that some people get left behind. Not because we're jerks and think we're too good for them, but because they aren't growing as well which means they are essentially weighing us down. Or maybe they were only meant to be around for just a season of our lives. I remember hearing my uncle once say that, "not everyone can go on your journey with you."

It can be hard to let someone go, especially if they meant a lot to us or were very close to us but unfortunately, sometimes things change and that person isn't the same person that we kept so close to our hearts anymore. Well, those are the type of people that maybe we should keep at a distance and basically say, "I love you but I can't keep you in my circle anymore." You are under no obligation to apologize or feel bad about growing. Your happiness and peace is important too!

I love every one of you! ~Xoxo, SteffieJ

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