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College Chronicles Pt. 2

Hello my wonderful and amazing readers! I really liked the feedback from my first college chronicles post so I'm doing another! I know I've been away for a little while so let me catch you all up on everything! For starters, I think I've truly learned the art of time management *inserts sweating laugh emoji.* Oh. My. Goodness. When people told me college is another level, I always believed them but I never really thought anything of it. Well, let me tell you, college is awesome but time management is what will really get you through! Overall, I am having a great time! The people are amazing, the community is great and the events are so much fun! I have gotten involved a lot in my school. I got chosen to be apart of one of the most popular clubs on campus where I get to do something that I love so much...putting together events and activities for the students on campus! It's basically the ASB of college! I signed up for BSU and I have a job on campus. Theses things keep me extremely busy but I wouldn't have it any other way because the people I get to be around are so awesome and I really get to be apart and involved in my school, which I love so much!

I like my classes as well and I think I'm adjusting. There was a week at the beginning of the semester where I literally felt so overwhelmed. I had so many reading assignments, essays and math work to do and I had no idea where to begin. I thought to myself "Is THIS what college is?!?!" Well, the answer is yes, but on the bright side, once you get into the groove of things, it isn't so bad. I also had to get used to how independent college is. You can go to class when you want, leave when you want(although I recommend going and staying in your classes), and you don't have to raise your hand to go to the bathroom anymore!! I even have teachers who have you call them by their first name!! I know, shocking right?!?! For some reason, I think that realizing the independence you actually have in college helps you to calm down a little when it comes to the work load. Speaking of independence, I finally learned how to use a washer and dryer on my own! Woot! Woot! **I know, don't judge!**


1) Get Involved: Like I said in our previous College Chronicles, get involved! There's so much to do on college campuses and no matter what your passion is, whether it's events, singing, sports, etc, there's most likely a club for it. Being involved really helps to feel apart of your college campus, whether big or small.

2) Manage Your Time: When college classes start, it could seem like a lot at first, so making a plan early(once you get your syllabus) as to how you're gonna get your class work done on time without stress, is essential. Some classes will have homework on the same days every week where you know ahead of time, so maybe some weeks, get those done a little early. Then you don't even have those assignments on your schedule.

3) Be Organized: In my dorm, I have a dry erase calendar on my board and in my bag I keep an absolute over the top planner(I'm an over the top type of person) complete with stickers, quotes and goals throughout. This helps me have everything that I need to do constantly in front of me. You may not be a calendar, planner, stickers and quotes type of person but what helps you stay organized?? Whatever it is, do that to keep you focused and on track.

4) Make Happy Memories: You've got 4 years on campus, make some beautiful memories. Go to events and have a great time! Talk, mingle and meet new people. Some of the people you meet, may be friends you keep forever! We all want to look back one day and be able to feel like we had the best college experience and made some of the happiest memories!

Goodnight Everyone, Xoxo~SteffieJ

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