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Hey guys! I just wrapped up my first week of college and it was AMAZING!!!! Before I get into details, I just want to apologize for not being as active these last 2 weeks. Moving into my dorm one week and starting classes the next really took up a lot of time but now that I am all adjusted, I can start blogging more consistently again.

Back to how it has been being the new kid in college! Being a Freshman in college can be very nerve-wracking but I was actually very excited to start this new chapter! I met so many amazing people and the whole process of starting fresh as a new student was pretty easy because there are so many other people coming to campus as a new student just like you are and are also trying to get comfortable and meet new people as well. I have been to just about every event that my school has put on since day 1 and have been getting up early and staying out late pretty much every night!

My advice to anyone just starting college like me or are getting ready to go to college would be, first and foremost, step out of your shell and just talk to people. Like I said above, there are a whole lot of people on campus who are new just like you are so start talking to the person beside you. You'd be surprised by how many great people you will get to know just by being social and talking to others. Also, get involved! Clubs and things most likely won't start getting together until a little bit after classes start but if your school is like my school, then it will have an orientation week and a welcome week(a lot of schools just have welcome week). When I said I have been getting up early and going to sleep late, it is mainly because of these 2 weeks. My school had different events both day and night and I went to pretty much every single one. It allowed me to interact with tons of new people and I even got to know my own group of friends who I do practically everything with on campus now! One final tip of social advice would be: Don't be afraid to get to know and interact with people in higher grades. What I noticed, is a lot of the upperclassmen are very laid back and nice people. They will teach you all the ins and outs which can help you be more comfortable and learn the campus better.

If you have anymore tips and/or advice you would like me to share about college and/or my college experience so far, just message me on the contact page and I will post about it here on my "My Life and My Advice" page! Good luck in school!~Xoxo, SteffieJ

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