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Laugh In Spite Of

Always find a reason to laugh and smile! There are times in our lives when we come across some of the most hateful and mean people. Yes, their words and/or actions can be hurtful, saddening and can make us angry for that moment, but despite what those people say or do, always find a reason to laugh or smile. When those feelings of anger or sadness come, let's not react in a way that we'll regret, let's just calm down, relax, pray and then smile. Once we give it to God, we have no reason not to smile because once we tell God our feelings and what we've gone through, it's no longer our problem! Isn't that awesome?!?! When people blatantly are mean to us, says and does mean things for no reason, we have to get in the habit of knowing that it's not us. It's a hurt or anger that is deep inside of them that they never fixed and got healed from. My mom always tells me "Hurt people, hurt people" and when we are nice to mean people, it reaps coals on their heads(that's also in the Bible). So if you ever feel angry or hurt, my advice is to just laugh and smile no matter how forced it feels at first, because you'll usually actually start to feel a bit relaxed!~Xoxo, SteffieJ

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