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Overcoming our Fears

   Fear is something that can easily get to us right? It's so easy to let fear scare us away from something that could potentially be great for us. Sometimes we get scared and run away from things without even noticing. I know I've done it before! With tonights post, I want to get a little personal and a little real with you guys.    Being "only" 18, I know I don't know everything. Believe me I know, but from what I do know and from personal experience, I bet we can all agree that the times we've blocked out fear were the best times, the best memories and ultimately the best results. It is so much easier to back out of things or walk away from something than it is to stay and put in the work. Whether that is a job, a relationship or just something that could be your big break but takes courage to do.    Personally, because of fear, it took me about a year just to start my blog, I backed out of a chance to be in a relationship with a really good guy, it took me years to truly find myself and my voice and because of fear, at times I have just given up and walked away instead of talking things out. The list literally goes on. I can honestly say that in every one of these moments, when I looked back, it hurt so bad because when I thought about it, all I had to do were simple things but I gave into fear. I think being afraid to fail is what stops us the most and just as it says in this quote, it hurts because it matters. Usually the things we run away from are things that are a big deal and really matter but we get scared because we don't know the outcome, we don't know if we can trust or we just really don't want to be hurt. Trust me I know.    How about we work together to overcome our fears? Let's stop running away and confront them head on. Is there some awesome place you have wanted to go or a new place you have wanted to see?? Take the steps to get there. If you can't right now, keep the Faith that you will. Tell that person that you love them, why you do and how much they mean to you. Love is scary but when it's right, it's right. Is there a project or idea that you have been sitting on?? Go for it! Start that business or project! I'm sure it's awesome and you never know! It could be the next big thing! I know this post is one of my longest but I really felt like opening up to you all a little more. I don't have all the answers. I know, but I am finally at a place where I've made it through a lot, including the things I mentioned in this post. I'm finally at a great place in my life and if I can help someone get to that same place, then I'm all for it. I'm not perfect and I'm still growing, so why not grow together! XOXO, SteffieJ 

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