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Keep Writing Your Story

I always look at my life as my own book. Each circumstance, each closed door and each opened door is a chapter in my life and sometimes we have to realize that certain people have to be written out of our story. Some people aren't meant to go on to the next chapter with you. It can be difficult to let people go but if you know in your heart that that's what you're supposed to do, then no matter how tough, you have to do it. There is a reason why you feel in your heart to let that person go. Maybe God is telling you they're toxic, they're not good for you or maybe He is simply telling you that the plans He has for you in that next chapter doesn't include them anymore. Though it is difficult, God always has a greater purpose. Maybe He has somebody "better" for you and where you are in life, He might be trying to surround you by those who lift you up and not tear you down. So keep writing and you will start to see what God is doing for you because you are the author of your own story and your story isn't finished yet.~Xoxo, SteffieJ

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