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Quote of the Day #1: Cherish Every Moment

Hi my loves! This is my first post since creating my blog and I hope you all like it! This quote by Dr. Seuss(who I absolutely loved as a child) is so true. A lot of times we take moments in our lives for granted and don't really cherish them until they become a memory. This can go for so many things like relationships, friendships, moments with family etc. It's a tuff feeling when you realize that you should have payed more attention to a certain moment in your life that has gone by so fast. For example, so many of us are counting down the days until graduation but are you enjoying the moments right now? There are people that you love seeing everyday on campus but in a few months, you may never see them again. Are you cherishing these last few weeks/months with them? In relationships, are you with an amazing person and treating them how they should be treated?? Don't realize that you should have treated them better when they leave. Do it now, because one day all those moments that you had with them that you took for granted could be a distant memory. Is there that special someone that you really like and you know you have great chemistry with but are too nervous to ask out?? Take the chance. You never know, they might feel the exact same way and have been waiting for you to ask. Don't wait too long and second guess yourself because they may move on and you'll miss having them around and always there for you. So today cherish every moment, even the small ones because the smallest moments could be your greatest memories!~xoxo SteffieJ

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